Most Sustainable National and International Construction and Construction Related Product Companies

Appliance and Tools


Bosch has demonstrated for the last 20 years a true commitment to environmental and Social stewardship and quality craftsmanship. The Company is owned by a non profit philothropic organization that does good social and environemtal work all over the world. They actively lobby the US government for stricter standards on energy efficiency and water conservation in opposition to most of the major US manufacturers. Their entire product line meets or exceeds Energy Star Requirements.

Although, Bosch is not an US Company, it is questionable whether their carbon footprint is any higher then it’s US competitors given the high level of outsourcing in most companies today.


Interface Carpets

Interface carpets has demonstrated for the last 10 years at least a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and is doing so not because of PR but because their leadership believes it is the right thing to do.



Potlatch is producing chain-of-custody Forest Stewardship Council–certified Hem-fir and Douglas fir-Larch framing lumber, inland red cedar decking and siding, and Douglas fir and white fir plywood from three mills in Idaho. Potlatch, Spokane, Wash.