Our Mission

To design, build, remodel and repair homes that help people and nature to thrive simultaneously.  We strive to turn environmental and social values into real things, places that enhance life for the occupants, the community and all life.

Our Values and Principles

  1. The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  We interpret this to apply to all people and all life.  It means doing things in a way that is the best we can do for all affected by what we are doing.  That includes, our clients, the community, humanity, the natural environment and future generations.
  2. Honesty. We tell the truth.  We keep our word.
  3. Freedom.  We respect and value the individual expression of all people and we do our best to enable and empower the freedom and expression of all.
  4. Self Sufficiency.  We believe that the more individuals and communities can provide for themselves in as many ways as is possible, the wiser, happier, more democratic, more sustainable and free we all are.
  5. Interdependency.  Although self sufficiency is necessary to strive for in today’s political economy, ultimately we are all connected.  The choices we make have consequences that are felt in the farthest reaches of the earth.  Therefore, we have a responsibility, at a minimum, to do more good than harm in the world. Our lives impact others all around the globe and throughout time.   We can not claim to be fair in the world without seeking to benefit those that are impacted by our life choices.
  6. Sustainability.  Everyone claims to be sustainable now.  But we hold a higher standard.  Our Definition of sustainable is this.  Things that are sustainable not only do no harm but enhance life and can be done indefinitely with no negative consequences.   Anything less is not sustainable and should not be called so.  Sustainability in today’s world is a journey.  With the exception of a few isolated communities,  truly sustainable societies no longer exist on Earth.  At Lush Planet Design Build, we are doing our best to do our part to help begin modern societies transformation into a truly sustainable one.
  7. All life is sacred. All life is valuable.  It is valuable not because of what is can give us but just because it is alive. Our job is to be a steward of life on Earth and preserve and enhance the natural beauty and majesty of all living things for all to enjoy into the distant future.
  8. Biodiversity equals prosperity and stability.  Diversity in an ecosystem is a sign of its health and stability.  It means that this network of living things has been coexisting in abundance for a long time.  The more of the planets diversity is lost due to the expansion of human activity the further we move away from an inherently healthy, prosperous and vital world to one that just survives.  Therefore, we strive to create the conditions in our built environments that give diverse life forms and people opportunities to thrive.
  9. Life Long Education.  Education is the bedrock of a healthy society.  Each of us works to stay educated and promote an atmosphere of inquiry and learning on and off the job.