Sonoma County Green Building Material Best Products and Companies

Green Materials Product with local sources of retailers and wholesalers


Fiberglass Batt

Guardian Insulation

GreenGuard certified in insure good indoor air quality.

Mead Clark Lumber (see website for up to date stock lists URL in company list section)

Recycled denim

Golden State Lumber

Blown in Cellulose

Coast Building Products



FSC certified/Reclaimed Custom Built

Liberty Valley Door
Mead Clark


The industry standard for greenest window is the Integrity line by Marvin Windows and Doors.

Han Window Company

Mead Clark


FSC or reclaimed custom built WIndows
Sebastopol Window Company


Although Vinyl is long lasting and low maintenance, the toxic dioxin made in the manufacturing process may over compenate for these benefits.  Some estimates say that 1 once of dioxin is enough to kill 1 million people.


Basically try to get your cabinet maker to use FSC certified wood and a low or no VOC glue based particle board such as Purebond.

Lincoln Street Builders: Will build cabinets made withFSC certified wood or Purbond particle board (low VOC soy based glue particle board)

Floors etc.

Hardwood, Wool Carpet, Natural Fiber carpet and rugs, Area Rugs, Sisal, Cork, Paper,Bamboo, Linoleum, Window Coverings

There are many suppliers of flooring throughout the county but hands down the one that has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to sustainability and widest array of eco-friendly products is

Hendricksen Naturlich Flooring in Sebastopol, CA.


In general all products offered by Henkel are the best on the market.  They have a line called the OSI Greenseries.  This line is green guard certified which is the industry standard for indoor air quality certification.  According to one local supplier, Henkel greenseries is the same product as their main line.  I have not verified this with the company but would not be surprised if it were true.  So I recommend the Greenseries by Henkel which will promote third party independent verification in the industry therby promoting trust-worthy green certification programs . But also, Henkel as a company has displayed a true commitment to green on many levels so their other products may be a good choice as well and may be just as good in terms of indoor air quality and even better on the budget..

Henkel GreenSeries:  GreenGuard Certified

General purpose construction adhesive, acrylic urethane sealant, flame Seal ,drywall and panel adhesive, subfloor and deck adhesive.

Available at Mead Clark Lumber

Henkel Mainline products

General purpose construction adhesive, acrylic urethane sealant, flame Seal ,drywall and panel adhesive, subfloor and deck adhesive.

Available at Healdsburg Lumber


High fly ash content concrete.

Shamrock Concrete Ready-Mix & Trailer-Haul:

401 E Washington St
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 765-8570

Energy efficient appliances

In general I recommend Bosch.  They consistently drive the industry forward in sustainability and performance.

The best local supplier

Tee Vax (see most sustainable Company list for contact details)

The Energy Star Web site has a great list of all energy star qualified products. If you click on the Kwhs tab on the product list, the list will sort by highest energy efficiency to lowest.


In general you can get compact flourescents at most local suppliers.  I do not surrently have one source that stands out as the leader in sustianability in our area.