Most Sustainable Products

Most Sustainable Products: Toilets and Shower heads

Toilets: Best performers available from Major Manufacturers

Most suppliers can order these models

In general I like the 1 gallon per flush (gpf)  over the dual flush.  The dual flushes on the market currently are .8 gpf low and 1.6 gpf high.  The combined average is the same as a 1 gpf toilet over 4 flushes.  If there is any question as whether the end user is going to use the high more then the low, I would go with the 1 gpf.

Kohler. K-3597 San Raphael™ Comfort Height™ Pressure Lite™ 1.0 gpf elongated toilet

Toto Aquia™ Dual Flush Toilet, 1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPFCST414M

Mansfield QuantumOne Water usage: 1.0 gpf / 3.8 lpf

Low flow showerheads


Bricor manufactures the most efficient shower head and areaotors on the market today.  They are used by the US military in Iraq.  The only caveat for these is that they require a set water pressure which you need to find out and buy the appropriate model.  Low pressure rural well systems may not work.

Contact manufacturer to order. no known local suppliers


1.125 gpm @ 50 psi
with an FIT
™ value of 7.19
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3" Showerhead

B100 MAX

0.995 gpm @ 50 psi
with an FIT value of 7.98

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2" Showerhead


An ULTRA Low Flow delivery of only
0.5525 gpm, but with the highest
performance value rating of any
showerhead tested. P = 10.